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Emergency Off Switch

An emergency off switch is a safety device which can be a requirement within heavy duty environments for industrial machinery.

When an emergency off switch is compressed the power to the machine or device is instantly cut causing the machine to power off.

Our emergency off switches are built into our safety footswitch which is part of our 6256 range. They can either be at ground level, activated by the foot, or on a pole handle which can be activated by hand.

Emergency Off Switches can also be referred to as

  • Emergency stop switch
  • Kill Switch
  • E-Stop Switch/button
  • E-Stop Actuator


Uses for Emergency Stop Switches

An Emergency Off Switches are an important safety feature for both the operators of devices and the device itself.

Emergency off switches are regulated by international safety standards and are a requirement in many industries.

Emergency off switches are used to protect the user, if a person becomes in danger the emergency off switch can be easily accessed to cut the power to the machine.

They are also used in situations where a machine is not functioning so that it can be switched off quickly to save any potential damage to the machine or produce from the machine.

Emergency stop switches are used as they are quicker and easier to access than the main on/off switch for the device.  

Emergency Off Switches from Herga

Our emergency stop switches are part of our heavy-duty 6256 footswitches. They are available on top of the footswitch itself or a pole handle. Each design is easy to use.

Our 6256 footswitch is suitable for all industrial environments, find out more about the options available here. 

For more information on emergency off switches or to discuss your application please contact us.

Article published on: 22/02/2021

Article last updated on: 22/02/2021