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Electric Footswitches

Here at Herga, we offer both electric footswitches and pneumatic footswitches. They are suitable for different environments and therefore have different characteristics.

What is an Electric Footswitch?

An electric footswitch is a type of foot operated switch which uses electricity to function. They are very common and can be used for a wide range of applications.

We have an extensive range of electric footswitches  

Types of Electric Footswitches

Latching Electric Footswitches – a latching switch is compressed once and then remains “on” until they are compressed again.

Momentary Electric Footswitches – a momentary switch requires continuous compression to remain “on”, when the switch is not compressed it will not operate. This type of electric footswitch is often used for hospital beds.

Electric Foot Potentiometer Switches – a foot potentiometer is another type of electric footswitch. This is sometimes called a “variable speed footswitch” the further they are compressed the more power they exert and the faster the machine goes. These types of footswitches are used for sewing machines, drills and lathes.

Single and Multipedal Electric Footswitches – if your application has more than one function you may require a multipedal footswitch. Using our modular base system, we can incorporate up to 16 different functions in one device. As these have a modular design, they can be built to customer specification.

Find out more about our modular switches.  

Heavy Duty Electrical Footswitches – for use in harsh environments we have a range of heavy-duty electrical footswitches. This range includes our new 6256 range. They are highly durable, offer added user safety and are inexpensive compared to our competitors.

Uses for Electrical Footswitches

Some uses for electrical footswitches include;

·         Heavy duty machinery

·         Laser machines

·         Metal cutting machines

·         Optical instruments

·         Medical equipment

·         Beauty equipment

·         Push to talk

·         Photographic operations on X-ray machines

Features and Advantages of our Electric Footswitches

Our range of electrical footswitches have the following features;

·         Various connections – USB and Bluetooth available

·         Medical standards – available on some models, see product datasheets for full details

·         Various protection classes (IPX2 to IP67) – full details on each datasheet

·         Constructed of either metal or plastic

·         A range guards and accessories available which are compatible with different footswitches.

To see all of our footswitches and to compare their features take a look at our line card.

If you require electrical footswitches and would like to discuss your application please contact us

Article published on: 11/06/2020

Article last updated on: 11/06/2020