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Bellow footswitch helps in forest management

Herga's bellow footswitches are often used in the medical field or in traditional industrial applications. But, of course, this is not the only field of application, and they can be found in many different applications including the operation of wood chipper machinery used in forest management.

Features of the 6240 Bellow

The bellow is made of robust plastic and also has a sturdy and flexible PVC housing. Together with the IPX7 protection class, the bellow can be used without hesitation for the control of a wood chipper. With a working temperature range of -5°C to +40°C, the bellow can be used in diverse regions.

The bellow can be configured as a closed or open switch. The closed version is often used as an emergency stop. This means that the circuit is normally closed and the device is on. In the event of an emergency, the button will be pushed and this will immediately break the circuit.  With an open switch, it is the other way around. The device is normally off and is switched on by pressing the bellow.

There are different cables and plugs to choose from and also different colors available. Depending on whether the bellow is permanently mounted, there is an aluminum and plastic base plate or a foam rubber base.

Wood chipper application

There are two possible applications in this example. Either you use two bellow probes or one. With two bellows, one is responsible for switching on the wood chipper and the second for switching it off. If you choose to use one push button, this is the emergency off switch we talked about earlier.

The wood chipper helps to recycle wood residues. Wood residues in this case are branches or tree trunks that do not meet the guidelines for further processing, but still have to be cut down for safety. Trees are cut down in order to further process the wood into furniture, among other things, or to support the health of the forest. Trees that are cut or trimmed for this reason, for example, take away important light from other trees or could fall during the next storm and take others with them because the roots have become loose.

Instead of storing the wood or burning it in an uncontrolled manner, the wood from the chippers can be used to provide a renewable energy source for heating.

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Article published on: 05/01/2023

Article last updated on: 05/01/2023