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A visit to the dentist

A visit to the dentist is a regular occurrence in everyone's life, whether it's just a checkup, a dental cleaning, or if there are any issues. During that time, you may encounter several products from Herga.



You register at the reception, sit down in the waiting room and, depending on the reason for your visit, you are called to the radiology department for an x-ray to evaluate your teeth and jaw. You get protection aprons, have to get into a certain position and not move until you get the OK from the specialist. In a dental practice several dental x-rays are taken every day. Often these x-rays are taken with foot switches.

One foot switch that is often used for this is the sturdy and durable 6250 foot switch. It is frequently specified for use  in medical technology and is characterized by its ergonomic design. The single-pole foot switch has a profile height of 1cm, making it the lowest profile in Herga's range. With repetitive operation, the low-profile foot switch is easy on the calf muscles and Achilles tendon.

Treatment chair

Once a satisfactory image has been captured, one is directed further into the treatment room. For this, you may sit on a padded chair that can be moved up, down and back with an electric foot switch. Since each person is different in size, the chair must be flexibly adjustable, firstly to enable the patient to find a comfortable position and secondly, for the dentist to be able to work ergonomically.

Herga’s medical design platform can be designed and built individually to suit specific requirements. Whether you need 2,3,4 or more foot switches is not important. You can have one switch for raising, one switch for lowering, one for tilting backwards and a fourth to bring the backrest back to the vertical position.


Once you are sitting in the dental chair and have been placed in the correct position, the examination begins. For this, the dentist needs different instruments. Some specifically eject air, others are made for rinsing a specific region, and in some cases a drill is used. Usually, the dentist holds the instrument in one hand and positions the patient's head in the other or lifts the lip for better visibility. The hands are busy, which is why many dentists use foot switches in such situations to turn the equipment on and off. The medical design platform can also be used here.

After the treatment, the chair is returned to its original position, you can get off and continue with your daily routine.

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Article published on: 03/03/2023

Article last updated on: 03/03/2023