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What is a Micro Switch?

Micro Switches are one of our product ranges here at Herga. They can be used for many different applications and are suitable for a range of industries.

What is a Micro Switch?

 A Micro Switch is a small, very sensitive switch which requires minimum compression to activate. They are very common in home appliances and switch panels with small buttons. They are typically inexpensive and have a long life meaning they can function for a long time - sometimes up to ten million cycles.

Because they are reliable and sensitive, micro switches are often used as a safety device. They are used to prevent doors from closing if something or someone is in the way and other applications similar.

 How does a Micro Switch Work?

 Micro Switches have an actuator which, when depressed, lifts a lever to move the contacts into the required position. Micro switches often make a “clicking” sound when pressed this informs the user of the actuation.

 Micro switches often contain fixing holes so that they can be easily mounted and secured into place. Because they are such a simple switch they require virtually no maintenance and they rarely need replacing due to their long life.  

 Benefits of Using Micro Switches

 As stated above, the main advantage of using a micro switch is their inexpensiveness, along with their long life and low maintenance. Micro Switches are also versatile. Some micro switches offer a protection rating of IP67 which means they are resistant to dust and water. This enables them to work in conditions which they are exposed to dust and water and they will still function correctly.  

 Applications for Micro Switches

 The Micro Switches we can offer are commonly used in home appliance applications, building, automation and security applications. For example:




  • Push buttons for alarms and call points
  • Turning devices on surveillance cameras
  • Triggers to alert if a device is dismounted
  • HVAC applications
  • Access control panels
  • Elevator buttons and door locks
  • Timer controls
  • Washing machine buttons, door locks and water level detection
  • Air conditioning units
  • Refrigerators - ice and water dispensers
  • Rice cookers and microwave ovens - door locks and buttons.


Herga uses micro switches in many of our products including footswitches, pressure and vacuum switches as well as hand controls.

For more information on these applications take a look at our blog post “What is a Micro switch Used for?”

 Micro Switches from Herga

 Our micro switches come from our supplier Zippy and are available from Herga within the UK. They come in a range of sizes with different connections depending on your application. Many of them offer UL/cUL and ENEC certification for use in a variety of industries.

If you would like more information on Micro Switches take a look at our Micro Switches page or contact us. 

Article published on: 10/06/2019

Article last updated on: 10/06/2019