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Innovation for customised footswitch system

Herga Technology launch modular base system for best-in-class multipedal footswitch selection

By integrating standard medical or industrial grade electrical and Bluetooth® foot and bellows switches with its new range of modular base units and accessories, Herga Technology has raised the bar for choice and flexibility. With each single modular base unit capable of supporting a footswitch and two bellows switches, the system can accommodate as many as twelve foot-operated machine tasks.

Illustration 1 (right): Modular base system with several safety and functional optional accessories

The new modular base system offers OEMs, end users and machine builders an attractive and ergonomic footswitch solution by combining the field proven 6225, 6226 and 6227 series footswitches with optional 6241 or the recently launched Haptic 6244 puck switches together with safety and functional accessories such as guards, lift bars, base plates and handles. For medical applications, IEC 60601/UL 60601 compliant footswitches can be selected and environmental protection includes options for EN60529 IPX2 to IPX7 with IPX8 on request.

The moulded thermoplastic base system comprises single or double base plinths joined by fixing strips with integral electrical connections that mechanically lock the assembly for 1-, 2-, 3- or 4-base unit configurations. Each single plinth can accommodate a footswitch as well as one or two bellows switches. For most multiple footswitch applications, all electrical switching functions are via a single cable, making machine connection straightforward with stripped cable cores or a choice of connector if required. Multiple functioning footswitches with a single Bluetooth transmitter can be easily accommodated within the range.

Electrical switching functions for the standard 6225, 6226 and 6227 series footswitches include SPST N/O, SPST N/C, SPDT momentary or latching at 1.75A at 24V AC/DC. The rating for the 6241 and 6244 bellows switches includes SPDT / DPDT at 0.1A, 30V DC – other switching voltages and contact configurations are available on request.

A wide range of modular accessories may be included with each order. These include tubular steel carrying handles and open guards or pressed steel closed guards. Each footswitch may be separated with a raised divider built into the joining strip, and steel base plates are available for added durability.

Herga have also introduced a range of standard variants that use the new modular base system to combine its most commonly specified medically approved 6226 series footswitch and single 6241 bellows, to offer a straightforward selection in eight combinations that span single footswitch to a 4x footswitch plus 4x bellows switch configuration.


A new datasheet is available at www.herga.com which includes reference dimensions and ordering information that helps users to specify the exact configuration requirements. Herga sales and applications staff are also on-hand to discuss specific requirements at sales@herga.com  or by calling +44 (0)1284 701422.

Article published on: 04/10/2017

Article last updated on: 04/10/2017