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Herga Technology unveils 6244 series haptic puck switch with audible click

Herga Technology has expanded its range of switch controls with the new 6244 series haptic puck switch.

The new hand or foot operated puck (or bellows) style switch features an audible click when pressed and is aimed at machinery and equipment switching tasks where both tactile operation and audible response are essential requirements.

The robust and durable 6244 comprises a semi-rigid PVC bellows and a thermoplastic base that combine for strength, stiffness and long working life. Sealing protection is to IP67 and all manufacturing materials and components meet IEC 60601-1 medical standards. Its micro switch rating of 0.1A for 125/250V AC or 30V DC operation is available for both SPDT and DPDT contact configurations with momentary action. With four-hole fixing and electrical connection via spade terminals for soldered cable, the haptic puck switch requires a 37 mm diameter hole for panel installation and has a nominal height of 20.4 mm.

6244 ad 6226 switches

Caption: Herga’s modular base system in single-base configuration with a 6244 haptic puck switch and a 6226 foot switch

The 6244 is available for optional use with Herga Technology’s new and recently launched modular base system for multi-pedal foot switch applications.  The system is available in Single-, 2-, 3- or 4-base configuration with various and optional combined assemblies that utilise Herga’s field proven 6225, 6226 and 6227 series footswitches and 6244 or 6241 series puck switches - together with safety and functional accessories such as guards, lift bars, base plates and handles. 

Article published on: 09/11/2017

Article last updated on: 09/11/2017