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Herga Technology’s 6256 heavy-duty industrial footswitch has AC15 utilisation category rating

Herga Technology’s 6256 series heavy-duty footswitch range is especially suited to switching the inductive loads typically required for low-voltage industrial motors and other electromechanical control apparatus. Its AC-15 utilisation category covers electromagnetic loads from 250 VAC at 6 A to 500 VAC at 1 A, and with CE/UL and CSA C22 60947-1 & 60947-5-1 standards approval, safe and long reliable working life is ensured. The IP67 waterproof-rated 6256 footswitch is manufactured in injection moulded, high-impact ABS with a choice of open or safety-guarded models offering extreme levels of toughness and durability for switching tasks on industrial machinery. A comprehensive choice of accessories allow individually configured footswitches to perform as single-pedals or assembled as multi-pedal switching groups thanks to a modular and aesthetic interlocking design. A broad selection of electrical ratings, potentiometer options and switch operations ensure maximum working flexibility.

The flexibility for electrical switching on the 6256 series includes slow break & make and snap action options to AC-15 6A 250V / DC-12 6A 24V (UL) as well as a high-power model for 25A 125/250V AC. 1HP 125/250V AC (with double pole change over contacts over two switches). 5 k? and 10 k? potentiometer versions with double pole change over contacts are also available. The series has a rated insulation voltage of 500 VAC 600 VDC (300V UL Rating), and further protection via a short circuit current rating to 1 kA and a short-circuit protective device 10 A aM fuse. The footswitch has a specified mechanical working life of 2 million cycles and an electrical life of 10 million cycles.

For additional safety in especially hazardous environments the 6256 is available with a pressure point actuated cut-off feature where the switching contact is broken and the footswitch locks, preventing an unintended restart. This option is also available configured with a mechanical resistance that adds tactile feedback where the operator can sense the pressure change. A manual release can also be included after the footswitch locks. Other safety related options include emergency stop equipped models with a conventional emergency stop switch either assembled on the footswitch housing – available on both the guarded and unguarded versions - or attached to an extended pole. Other accessories include extended base plates for securing the footswitch directly to machine or floor surface as well as pole & handle attachments for increased portability and ease of operation.

Displaying the heavy-duty characteristics of 6256 footswitch, which has a specified drop weight stability of 20 kg at 1 metre for the guarded model, a demonstration video on Herga’s website compares its drop test performance against several competitive lines - some with all-steel construction. For comprehensive information on the 6256 series and application specific assistance, visit www.herga.com , email sales@herga.com  or call +44 (0)1284 701422.

Article published on: 21/03/2022

Article last updated on: 21/03/2022