Herga Technology adds variable output option to standard range 6227 and 6228 footswitches

Herga Technology, the leading UK switching and sensing solutions manufacturer, has added a variable output option on two of its most popular standard range footswitches the 6227 and 6228 series.

Aimed at motor speed control or variable position/pressure/torque control for manually operated industrial or office/domestic equipment, the option includes a non-contacting Hall Effect sensor for maximum life with a 0...5 VDC output that is proportional to the spring-returned pedal position. Based on the well-established switched versions of the 622x series, the variable output 6227 and 6228 models respectively include IPX2 or IPX7/8 protection. The robust and durable footswitches feature a low profile, rear-hinged design with a raised tread pattern and an anti-slip pad for maximum comfort.


Like their switched counterparts in the 622x series the new variable output options are available in a choice of base configurations with screw fixing, feet or anti-slip neoprene pad options. The moulded thermoplastic construction accommodates a wide choice of cover and base colour options, and customer logos can be included on request.

Through the switched versions of the 622x series, users can choose single & double pole switching in a choice of AC and DC voltage options as well as a USB option that is pre-programmed for the customer’s keystroke requirements. EN 60601 medically approved 6225, 6226 series variants are also available. General specifications for these compact and durable footswitches include an operational temperature range of -20° C to + 80° C and all version can be supplied with numerous cable options. For added protection, single and dual protective guard options are available throughout the range.


The 6227 series is also available as part of Herga’s recently introduced Modular Base System that offers OEMs, end-users and machine builders an attractive and ergonomic footswitch solution by combining many lines of field-proven footswitches and puck switches together with safety and functional accessories such as guards, lift bars, base plates and handles.



>Herga Technology also produces other variable output foot switches based on potentiometric and optical sensor technologies. Its comprehensive product range covers standard and customised single- or multi-pedal switches in ergonomic designs that span electrical/electronic, pneumatic, Bluetooth® and USB switching technologies. With a strong emphasis on the extremely high standards and competitive costs required to maintain its market-leading position, Herga components are widely specified for switching and sensing tasks in medical devices, industrial equipment, business and domestic machines, and many other demanding footswitch and hand control applications.


Article published on: 24/02/2020

Article last updated on: 24/02/2020