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Airswitch and bellows for sauna application

Airswitch and bellows for sauna application: Raecom chooses Herga Technology for air switching

Surrey based Raecom Emergency Alarms Ltd specialise in wireless alarms systems for leisure facilities. Whilst some of its products are electrical there are areas such as swimming pools and saunas where the wet environment and safety requirements call for alternative alarm technologies to be used. To fulfil these requirements Raecom has developed a range of products based on air switching and chose Herga Technology for its component level solutions.


Raecom’s sauna and steam room alarm is a dual air pressured system that features internal and external activation. A Herga 6439 series bellow is located inside the cabin and connected through an air tube to an outside console containing a Herga 6871 airswitch. The outside console also includes bellows actuation and if either bellows is depressed the airswitch activates the alarm. The system contains no electronics and is designed to offer effective and reliable alarming in harsh conditions with high levels of heat and humidity.

Herga 6439 series bellows are designed for foot or hand operation so alarm placement is arbitrary. The green colour chosen by Raecom is one of many standard options that also include side or rear tube entry, base plates in various colours in addition to choices of curly coils and tube types and lengths. Herga’s well proven 6871 series airswitch range is available in a wide choice of latching and momentary action formats. All Herga air switching products are designed to operate with large air volumes for ease and reliability of operation. Customised versions are also available.

Herga’s complete range of electrical, air, Bluetooth® and USB switching solutions can be found at www.herga.com, via email at sales@herga.com  or by calling +44 (0)1284 701422.

Article published on: 16/05/2017

Article last updated on: 16/05/2017