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Footswitches from Herga Technology

Footswitch Selector

Footswitches are one of our most popular product categories here at Herga. See our full range of Footswitches below.

Many of our Footswitches have stock models available for fast delivery – details on our stock models are shown on the individual product data sheets which can be found by clicking on the product categories and selecting a product.

For more information on the Footswitches we can offer take a look at our Footswitch Line Card This gives an overview of our Footswitches with specifications for each type.

Footswitches News
Herga’s modular footswitch system now has individual 60601-1 medical approval:Herga’s modular footswitch system now has individual 60601-1 medical approval:
Herga’s modular footswitch system now has individual 60601-1 medical approval: Herga announces a flexible and globally unique approach for medically approved footswitches
Hands-free and contactless water and liquid dispenser ideas from HergaHands-free and contactless water and liquid dispenser ideas from Herga
Hands-free and contactless water and liquid dispenser ideas from Herga
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Footswitches, also known as foot pedals, are available in different shapes and sizes many with customisable options. Our footswitches are used for applications in many industries including; Medical, Industrial Machinery and Custom Solutions.

In the majority of instances, a footswitch is selected for use because it allows the operator to multi task.  Using a footswitch means that the user has both hands free to be able to complete work effectively. This is really useful in places such as a call centre, when workers are using a headset to speak on the phone, often a footswitch will be used to answer the phone so that the worker still has both hands free to operate a computer and/or make notes.

Uses for Footswitches

Footswitches are well used in everyday life as well as in more industry related applications. You may have seen or used a footswitch for:

·         Sewing machines

·         Press iron machines

·         Moving a chair in a medical facility (dentist or optician etc)

As well as being used for some commonplace applications, Herga footswitches are well used in Industries including Medical, Industrial, Health and Beauty for the following applications:

·         Heavy duty machinery

·         Call centres

·         Laser machines

·         Optical instruments

·         Hair removal equipment

·         Medical equipment

You can find out more about these specific applications by taking a look at our News section.

Footswitches from Herga

We have an extensive range of footswitches giving us the ability to offer a footswitch for any application in any industry.

·         Medical Footswitches– our medical footswitches have medical certifications required for this industry. Footswitches are the most common product of ours used within the medical industry and are well suited as the lower the risk of infection or contamination when compared to hand controls.

·         Heavy Duty Footswitches – our range of heavy duty footswitches includes our new 6256 plastic heavy duty switch. Our Heavy duty footswitches have guard options available to offer some user protection for the operator.

·         Bluetooth Footswitches – our Bluetooth footswitches operate on a smart closed network and offer a long battery life. Single and Multi-Pedal options are available.

·         Multi pedal footswitches – many of our footswitches are available as multi-pedal switches, some with up to 8 pedals.

·         Puck switches – Are compact and easily cleaned and are available as an additional switching function to our modular base system.

·         Foot air valve switches – our foot air valve switches are robust and reliable.

·         Foot Potentiometers– Our foot potentiometers include our heavy duty footswitches which are available with guards

·         Footswitch Bellows – our Footswitch Bellows are available in a wide range of colours and have an added base option and a multi-pedal option. They are compatible with our own range of air switches.

·         Footswitch bases – Our Modular base system combines our standard footswitch range with our puck switches and a whole host of extra add ons including guards, lift bars, handles and cable exit options.

·         USB Footswitches – Our USB footswitches are compatible with both Mac and Windows and are designed to emulate mouse, keyboard and joystick functions.

If you have any questions regarding our range of footswitches please contact us by calling +44(0)1284 701422 or emailing sales@herga.com

Graham Pattison
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Graham Pattison
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