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Medical Switches and Controls

We have a wide range of our products suitable for medical applications

Medical Switches and Controls

Medical switches and Controls make up a large part of our product range. Many of our products are proven in the medical industry for various applications and have protection ratings up to IPX8. Our medical switches and hand controls are manufactured from durable materials to make them impervious to cleaning solutions and other liquids commonly found in medical environments.

Whether the application is in an operating theatre, on a ward or in doctors surgeries our switches and hand controls are designed to perform to a high standard with ease. Our switches are used by both medical staff and patients so ease of use is important - our medical switches and hand controls are ergonomic making them comfortable to use.

Products in our medical switches and controls category are; 

The above range of switches and hand controls suitable for medical applications have various medical approvals to ensure they meet commercial standards. Details of these standards can be found on the product data sheets.

Footswitches are one of our most common products for the medical industry and they offer hand free operation which frees up the hands for other important tasks. Footswitches also lower the risk of infection and contamination when compared to hand controls.

Bluetooth Medical Switches and Controls

Our range of products with Bluetooth Technology are very popular within the medical industry. The absence of wires allows for the work environment to be cleaner and much tidier when compared to using a wired footswitch. They function on a smart closed network and feature LED indication. The Bluetooth medical footswitches are available as either single or multipedal switches and transmitters are available.  


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