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Industrial Switches and Controls

We have supplied switches and controls to the Industrial sector for a number of years.

Industrial Switches and Controls

Industrial Switches and Controls are a large part of our product range. The industrial sector is very diverse so many of our products are often selected for various applications. Many of our products are robust and hard-wearing making them well suited to heavy-duty applications within the industrial sector.

Our Switches and Controls for Industrial applications are often IP rated depending on what they are suitable for, this makes them dust and water-resistant where appropriate. If you want more information on the protection rating of our switches and controls take a look at the individual product data sheets or call us to discuss your application +44(0)1284 701422 or sales@herga.com

Switches and Controls used in the Industrial Sector

Popular products of ours which are often used in Industrial applications are;

Our products use different connections depending on what is best suited for the application they are being used for, these include; electrical, USB, infrared and Bluetooth.

We can offer multi-switch options for many of our Industrial Switches and Controls; some of our hand controls can have up to eight buttons and our footswitches can have up to four pedals. Details on these can be found by clicking the product categories above and then clicking through to the datasheets.

We manufacture our own Switches and Controls making many elements customisable depending on the application in hand. We also have many products with a stock model available for fast delivery where needed.

To discuss your requirements for Industrial Switches and Controls please contact us +44(0)1284 701422 or sales@herga.com